Rollers have been around for a long time (we’re talking since 7th century here) so these beauties are definitely what you could call “tried and tested”. And we can definitely see why they’re still being used today, well over 1000 years later.

On the physical side of things rollers help to detoxify your skin, reduce inflammation, and increase circulation giving you a gorgeous glow and improving your skin tone.

Not to mention they also help your products penetrate into your skin so they’re even more effective.

How to use Roller : your 6 step guide

The direction that you’re rolling is quite important for this step - you’ll be rolling horizontally on your face, and then downwards from your ear to your collarbone.

A well-oiled face is a must in order to get the tool to slide across skin. Start with 4 to 5 drops of facial oil or serum, then gently rub.

1. Starting on one side of your face, roll from the center of your chin to your ear 3 times

4. Don’t forget to switch to the small end for your eye area

5. Finish on your forehead, rolling horizontally out to your hairline and then down to your collarbone

6. Repeat on the other side of your face

How to clean your beauty Roller

After and before each use, we recommend using a soft microfiber cloth to wipe your Roller clean to prevent the spreading of any bacteria onto your skin. For a deeper cleanse, you can also dampen the cloth with soapy water (water + your cleanser) before wiping the tool.

You can dry your roller using another dry cloth, or simply let it air dry.

2. Roll from your ear down your neck to your collarbone

3. Work your way up your face, moving next to your cheeks. Always rolling horizontally from the center out to your ears/hairline, and then down to your collarbone again