Moving into a new home or office space is a perfect time to burn sage to clear the previous owner’s energy and set your own intention for the space. However, you can sage your home any time you feel called to, whether you want to energetically reset or just chill out a bit.

Light your sage stick over the dish. 

Purify yourself by directing the smoke towards your body, starting at your feet, up to your head, and then back down again.

Start in one room and work from corner to corner. As you do, keep your intention in mind, and imagine pulling stale and negative energies from the corners. You can use your hands or a feather to direct the smoke where you want it to go (just steer clear of getting it in your eyes or nose).

You can also include an incantation or prayer as you move through your home. 

There are two ways to end the cleansing. Choose the option that feels best for you:

Let it burn out naturally. Lay the sage stick in your fireproof dish and allow it to work itself out naturally. (Obviously, don’t leave it unattended.)

Manually rub out your sage stick. Rub out the embers, then, bury the remaining sage and ashes to signify the finality of the negative energies that lived in your space. Imagine replanting them into the earth and recharging into new, positive energy.

When you are ready to perform your next sage cleansing, use fresh sage or smudge stick. Purify as often as you like and let your intuition guide you!

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