Palo Santo Wood

Palo Santo Wood

Palo santo wood is easy to light.

Hold the stick in a flame (a lighter, campfire, or even the gas element on your stove will do – just remember to turn the gas off after!) until it’s fully lit. You’ll know it’s lit when the stick is creating a mini flame of its own. Allow it to burn for approximately one minute.

Let the stick extinguish itself - That’s right, in step two you don't even need to do anything, just watch as the wood naturally extinguishes itself after a minute or so. Please do not blow out the flame. 

Hold the stick in your hands, visualize your intentions and fill your space with sacred smoke. The short burn will smoke for quite a while, delivering an incredible scent and cleansing the energy around you, restoring peace and calm.

When you’re done with your stick, put it on a fireproof surface (one good option is a metal fireproof bowl with a bit of sand in the bottom) and it’s ready for the next time you want to smudge.

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