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Jade Versus Rose Quartz Facial Rollers- Which is for your skin?

Who needs a professional facial or a massage when you have face rollers to your rescue!

Whether it is about relaxing your tense facial muscles or just helping the absorption of serums and lotions, facial rollers are ancient beauty tools that work for all your skin care needs.


Jade Roller

One of the features that might interest you is that- Jade Roller is a morning roller.

If you feel sluggish during the early hours or are not a morning person, this roller will balance out the qi energy and will work for the revitalisation of your skin that helps you stay fresh and awake all day long.

Moreover, this stone is also sought after for its skin cooling and tightening features. Featuring an Oblong-shaped stone of pure jade, it is attached to a handle with a metal frame that revs up your skin, improves its elasticity, de-puffs the eye area, and promotes the lymphatic drainage.

Using the jade stone daily will leave your skin feel healthy and firm while working wonders for dark circles and under eyes bags.


Rose Quartz

Silica holds your skin your skin together and gives it exceptional flexibility; Magnesium slows down the aging process; Iron regulates the blood circulation, and Sodium fights up the free radicals.

All of these elements allow the renewal of skin and improves the dull complexion. Moreover, it will also work, if you are night person as its calms your skin and prep it for the night.


The Verdict

We believe that you can’t go wrong with the either of gemstones as both of them offers excellent skin care benefits.

However, there are only slight intrinsic differences between both of them. For example, Jade relaxes the nervous system and removes the toxins from your skin. While the Rose Quartz stone comes with the incredible anti-aging properties by helping boost micro circulation and exerting calming vibes of love.

Both the rollers can be used with serums, massage masks, facial oils, and moisturisers for their better absorption.

Love your skin