Jade VS Rose Quartz

Jade VS Rose Quartz

Jade works better on oily or acne prone skin. It has a naturally stronger anti inflammatory and clearing effect. It is associated with detoxifying and clearing blemishes. In many cases this also makes it more suitable for younger skin.

Rose quartz rollers on the other hand can also be used for oily or acne prone skin but are more often recommended for combination, normal and sensitive skin. They have a more balancing affect than jade rollers.

Rose Quartz or Jade Roller for Different Chakras

Rose Quartz rollers are carved from a stone of love and therefore naturally work on the heart chakra. Jade rollers interestingly also focus on the heart chakra. The energetic principle however is slightly more clearing while the rose roller is more nourishing. Both crystals provoke positive energy and are believed to deliver deep healing energy.

Benefits of Jade Roller vs Rose Quartz Roller

Both rollers will benefit fine lines and wrinkles, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and improve skin tone and texture. Energetically jade is considered a more clearing and detoxifying crystal for younger skin. Rose quartz is better for combination and sensitive skin that may require more nourishing.

What is Better Rose Quartz or Jade Roller?

A jade roller may be better if you are prone to oily skin or outbreaks of acne. A rose quartz roller may suit you more if you have combination or sensitive skin and wish to focus more on fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultimately it is not rose quartz roller vs jade roller but rather which roller is best for you. Crystals are as different and unique as you are. It is important to know which crystals will best suit your skin type but it is also important to use a crystal you are drawn to. A good crystal roller will last you a lifetime so make sure you are truly happy with not only the crystal type but the quality and authenticity of the product.

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