Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Whether it's silver, gold or gemstone jewellery, all of it needs good care and cleaning from time to time.

Jewellery pieces should never rub up against each other, other types of metal, gemstones or any harsh surfaces as they will scratch and wear. You should also avoid harsh chemicals from coming into contact with your jewellery.

About gemstone care

Most gemstones don't require any special care, aside from the care you'd take with your jewellery in general. However, softer gemstones do need more consideration. Pearls and opals especially don't get on well with too much water exposure.

Pearls can also absorb makeup and perfumes, which can discolour them, so we recommend applying these things and washing you hands before putting your pearls on.

Cleaning your jewellery

You should clean your jewellery whenever it's needed and pay close attention to how it looks so that you don't miss the signs.

Jewellery cleaning cloths are generally the safest option to remove tarnish from your precious metal jewellery, so you may choose to use one rather than going straight for silver dip, which is an easier way to remove tarnish, but can be riskier.

Polishing cloths can also sometimes do a better job than silver dip of removing particularly stubborn tarnish. Polishing cloths will also give your jewellery a good shine in the process - sometimes even I am surprised by the difference they can make.

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