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Korean skin care routine

If you’re an avid follower of K-Beauty, you know all about the importance of putting skin first.


Unlike the quick and easy 3-step routine popular in the West, Korea takes it to a whole ‘another level. The Korean skin care regimen takes a different and rather lengthy approach when it comes to taking care of skin. Yes, it’s a 10-step routine. And yes, it will take up a lot more of your time. But is it worth it? 100%.  You’ll know once you see the amazing results on your skin.


The Routine

If you’ve never used any Korean beauty products before, the routine might feel a bit overwhelming at first but you’ll get used to it. Once you make it a habit, it’s actually not that much work and really kind of fun!


Step 1: Oil Cleanser

First things first, grab your oil cleanser. After a long day at work or running errands, you need to remove all that makeup.

Wait, can’t I just use my facial cleanser? Sure, that’s fine in the morning when you don’t have to wash off any makeup or sunscreen. An oil cleanser can dissolve makeup and sebum on an oily face without disturbing the skin’s pH balance or stripping your skin of its natural oils. If you use a harsh cleanser, you disturb the skin’s protective barrier and the skin will actually produce more oil to make up for moisture loss.


Step 2: Cleanser

You’re going to need another cleanser for the second step.

This is called double cleansing. After the oil cleanse, move on to your water-based cleanser to make sure you don’t leave any traces of dirt or makeup on your face.


Step 3: Exfoliate

It’s important not to miss exfoliating as it sloughs off dead skin cells and allows your skin to better absorb the rest of your skin care products. Skipping this step will make it harder for skin care products to do their magic!

When picking an exfoliating, go for one that isn’t too harsh on your skin.


Step 4: Toner

The majority of toners from Korean brands hydrate the skin and balance its pH levels. After cleansing, dampen a cotton pad with some toner and gently wipe it over your entire face and neck.


Step 5: Essence

We’re halfway there! Now, essences may be new to those unfamiliar with the K-Beauty routine. But hey, you learn something new every day, right?  Once upon a time, it was also my first time hearing about essences.

Essences normally have a watery texture and sort of feel like a serum. The consistency is so light and thin that once you apply essence, it feels like your skin absorbs it within a second!


Step 6: Serum 

Applying serums is essential. They’re packed with active ingredients that tackle different types of skin concerns. Consider this the step to apply special treatments that your skin needs – whether you’re dealing with acne, dryness, uneven complexion pigmentation . 


Step 7: Sheet Mask

This is where the real fun begins! You’re told to eat your fruits and vegetables for nutrition for your body and, well, sheet masks do the same for your face. Apply one a few times a week and keep it on for around 20 minutes. There are plenty of types of masks to choose from. Go for whatever you think your skin needs.


Step 8: Eye Cream

This may be an optional step for some, but if you want to avoid wrinkles around your eyes, it’s better to start early. You may not see a major difference now but your future self will thank you. The eye area is very delicate so remember never to rub the cream but gently tap it with your ring finger – which is your weakest finger and therefore puts the least amount of pressure on your skin.


Step 9: Moisturiser

If you’re following this routine at night, lucky for you, it’s the last step. Keep in mind that when layering, you always apply the lightest products first and progress to the heavier ones. This is why the moisturiser comes last. Moisturisers have a thicker consistency that helps to seal everything in and keep your skin hydrated all day or night long.


Step 10: Sunscreen

If you’re still reading this, congrats because you made it to the end! Applying sunscreen is a must for your everyday morning routine. Even on days when the sun is hiding behind the clouds and you think it won’t do much harm, think again. Wearing sunscreen shields your skin from the UVA and UVB rays that are the number one culprit behind sunburns, premature skin aging and skin cancer. You can find plenty of SPF-infused products out there, including makeup and moisturisers with SPF, but they don’t offer enough protection for your skin. It’s best to stick to a separate sunscreen.

TIP: When applying serums and sheet mask don’t forget to use our beauty Rose Quarts Roller or Jade Roller for better product absorption.