Moldavite is a spontaneous crystal from extraterrestrial impacts that belongs to the Tektite group. Tektite derives from the Greek word tektos, which means molten.

Tektites have an indeterminate crystalline phase and are vitreous mixes of silicate minerals, alumina and iron oxide, and other noble metals. Opaque Moldavite is evergreen, unlike some other Tektites from across the planet, pitch black or brown.

Moldavite Meaning

Moldavite is undeniably a magnificent gemstone, theoretically sculpted of cosmic flame and predestined for grandeur. This mysterious greenish amulet was created by nature's catastrophic celestial collision with Planet Earth.

Moldavite, engraved by strength and heat as it descended from the sky, resurfaced changed, a crystal of incredible refinement and elegance
prepared to help the world.

Moldavite bears an intense vibration as a Gemstone of Connectedness, a synthesis of worldly and otherworldly forces sensed instantly and often profoundly in individuals who align with its potency.

When using Moldavite initially, it might cause a burning feeling in the palm, spreading all over the body. The Heart Chakra may be triggered in certain circumstances, resulting in a beating wave, perspiration, redness of the cheeks, and an empathetic understanding that ranges from joy to tears. Moldavite's resonance may take a little more time accustomed to.

Still, its tremendous capacity to speed one's spiritual development makes it extremely valuable in the heavenly realm, both for its fundamental properties and as a mediator for bringing in Illumination to help Earth's restoration.

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