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The latest trend in facial masks is what are called sheet masks, which is a type of face mask you use once and then toss. It's also a lot of fun to take a selfie while wearing it.

Many people use sheet masks just once a week, but there is a growing trend to use sheet masks once a day. Using a sheet mask even once a week can have great benefits for the skin. Think of it as a targeted skin care treatment and ask yourself: What does your skin need now?


Which Mask Is Best For My Skin?

There are sheet masks made from microfiber, hydrogel, biocellulose, foil, knit, and charcoal, not to mention the different ingredients in each mask. With all the variety of sheet masks to choose from how do you know which one is best for your skin? 


Make Your Own Sheet Masks

It is actually super easy to make your own sheet mask. This way you can customise the mask for exactly what your skin needs at that moment. It is also very cost effective to make your own sheet masks. The one thing that you do need no matter which type of mask you are creating is a COTTON FACIAL MASK. These are easy to purchase and do not cost very much money.


Here's a recipe for a moisturising DIY sheet mask.


Hydrating DIY Sheet Mask:


  • Choose your favourite facial serum, oil, vitamin C oil, or argan oil.
  • Place a few drops of your favourite oil in a bowl or plate.
  • Add your sheet mask to the mix and soak for a minute or so.
  • Apply to your face for 20 minutes and gently roll with Cleo Stones Rose Quarts Roller or Jade Roller. Using roller helps with better absorption of the product into the skin.

Enjoy smooth, hydrated skin!