If you're a beauty buff (which we're kind of assuming you are), chances are you've heard of THE ORDINARY!


Owned by umbrella company, DECIEM, The Ordinary is known and loved for its insanely cheap skin care products that are as efficacious as they are affordable.

This is a lightweight serum containing different-sized hyaluronic acid molecules that penetrate to different depths. As we know, hyaluronic acid attracts 1000 times its weight in water, so this will draw hydration into the skin. Vitamin B5 works on the surface to enhance hydration and soften the appearance of fine lines and leave skin feeling smoother.


Use in the morning and night before oils and creams, pair it up with Cleo Stones beauty Roller or Gua Sha tool.

Beauty rollers could help provide a more consistent application and help the  products absorb into the skin faster!


By not using your hands to apply your skincare, you can avoid placing any unnecessary stress on your face, especially the delicate skin around the eyes.


Love The Skin You're In