Ways to use healing stones

Ways to use healing stones

There is no right or wrong way to use crystals. Still, it's important to make crystals a part of your daily routine to reap all the benefits.

Program your crystal with an intention

The crystal wants to work for you, but you have to tell it what to do. It will then serve as a daily reminder of that goal. To program it hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Then aloud or in your head say I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming.

Toss them into your purse or pocket

Choose which stone you feel most connected to, put one in your pocket or purse. Use it as a touchstone throughout the day to help ground you.

Meditate with them

To up your dose of spiritual energy, meditate while holding your crystals to connect with their metaphysical powers.

Create a crystal layout

To mentally and energetically kick off your day right, creating a crystal layout in the morning before you get out of bed. Simply lay down and place a few crystals on your body and just breathe and marinate in the high-vibe energy of the stones. After even just five minutes of laying there, you will feel a shift.

Put them in your bath

Make your bath time feel fancy by throwing some gems in the water. Not all crystals are meant to be in water though, so be sure to double check first.


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