How to select the best facial tool for your skincare routine?

To soothe and depuff your skin

The Jade Facial Roller: One of our classics, facial rolling helps reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage. Naturally cooling, it also helps soothe the skin and is great after a day in the sun or for those with sensitive skin.

Rose Quartz Eye Mask: Intentionally crafted for the delicate eye area, incredible for removing excess fluid around the eyes. Great for anyone looking to awaken the eyes or reduce puffiness around the eye area.

To lift and contour

The Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool: Known by beauty editors as “nature’s Botox,” our gua sha tools can help promote lymphatic drainage, relieve facial and jaw tension and firm, and lift the face over time. Relieving facial tension can help relax the muscles that contribute to wrinkles. For those looking for the most noticeable results, we recommend adding our Gua Sha Jade to your skincare routine.

To massage and energize

The Rose Quartz Roller: Designed to energize and massage the face while also helping products penetrate deeper into the skin. Our Rose Quartz Roller transforms skin from dull to glowing and brings the glow back to the skin. 

The Eye Mask: For those moments when you want to unwind and relax, our eye masks help soothe and de-puff the delicate eye area. All the benefits of a facial but in the comfort of your own home.