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Aquamarine Earrings

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Extraordinarily Beautiful Jewellery Joy and wealth are what aquamarine stands for.

The gemstone derived its name from the Latin words aqua and mare, which mean water and sea, respectively. Indeed, when you look at aquamarine, you will be reminded of the deep blue colour of the sea and the eternal colour of the sky.

It is considered as the lucky stone of sailors, believing that it would protect them while they are sailing in the waters. Also, according to old tradition, it promises a happy marriage to the woman who wears it.

In addition, because aquamarine is believed to cool temper, wearing it makes the wearer remain calm and level-headed. It is also used in meditation, as it brings serenity and great piece

Made with high quality genuine natural raw Aquamarine crystals in genuine 925 Sterling Silver stamped.

Offer Includes:
Authentication Certificate: 1, Instruction booklet for activating gemstone 1, Quantity: 1 Ring as per photos above, Material Type: Silver 925, Weight: 3 grams   

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