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Colombian Tektite & Meteorite Campo Del Cielo Pendant

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Campo Del Cielo can create a substantial positive impact on the body when touched. Campo Del Cielo is believed to have come from a meteorite and carries supernatural properties. 

It will help you overcome all the hardships. It improves your mental and physical strength, and you can now work harder and focused on accomplishing your goals. It will aid you in achieving the next level to pursue in your endeavours.

Colombian Tektite connects the root with the crown and soul star chakras to help ground cosmic knowledge and downloads, so that you can integrate them into your daily life. 

it’s a powerful solar plexus stone that helps you to connect with who you authentically are, and then radiate it fearlessly!

Offer Includes:

Quantity: Pendant x1

Material Type: Silver 925

Authentication certificate: x1

Weight: 5.3 grams 

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