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Jade Eye Mask

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Encourage a restful sleep with a relaxing and cooling jade stone crystal face mask. Effectively relieve fatigue, relieve work stress & relax your body and mind. This is a thoughtful gift sure to be treasured.

The Jade Eye Mask elevates a simple self-care practice like resting by soothing and relaxing the skin and muscles in your face and calming the mind. Jade crystal is known for its calming and healing properties.

Jade is naturally cool to the touch. Add this to the mask's particular heaviness and you’ll feel all the tensions falling away while closing your pores and reducing puffiness and inflammation.

Key benefits:

  • Soothes and relaxes facial muscles and skin
  • Helps promote decongestion
  • Reduces discomfort and appearance of inflammation
  • Promotes Improved blood circulation and skin tone

Designed to release tension, simply place this cooling jade mask over your eyes after completing your skincare routine. Leave on as desired and relax. 

Jade eye mask set included

Jade eye mask x 1

Travel bag for beauty tool x 1

Mulberry travel bag x 1

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